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Mecamylamine hydrochloride 

Non-competitive nAChR antagonist

α-Conotoxin MII 

Potent and selective α3β2 and β3 nAChR antagonist


Potent and selective neuronal nAChRagonist

SR 16584 

Selective α3β4 nAChR antagonist

SIB 1508Y maleate 

Potent agonist of α4β2, α2β4, α4β4 and α3β4 nACh receptors

MK 212 hydrochloride 

5-HT2C agonist

NS 3861 

α3β2 full agonist; also α3β4 partial agonist

ABT 594 hydrochloride 

Selective α4β2 nAChR agonist
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