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PBEF, also called Nampt or visfatin, is a ubiquitous 52 kDa nicotinamide phosphoribosyltransferase. PBEF is the rate-limiting component in the biosynthesis of NAD+, and functions in the cytoplasm to regulate energy metabolism during stress responses and immune activation.

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Human Luminex® Discovery Assay 

Human/Mouse/Rat PBEF/Visfatin Antibody 

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Simple Western, WB

Human PBEF/Visfatin Antibody 

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CyTOF-ready, Flow, Simple Western, WB

Human/Mouse PBEF/Visfatin Antibody 

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CyTOF-ready, Flow, WB

Rat PBEF/Visfatin Antibody 

Human PBEF/Visfatin Antibody 

Recombinant Monoclonal Antibody.

Human PBEF/Visfatin Antibody 

STF 31 

NAMPT inhibitor; also GLUT1 inhibitor


NAMPT activator; also proneurogenic and neuroprotective

STF 118804 

NAMPT inhibitor; depletes leukemia stem cells

CHS 828 

NAMPT inhibitor; active in vivo and cytotoxic

Proteome Profiler Human Adipokine Array Kit 

Contains 4 membranes-each spotted in duplicate with 58 different obesity-related antibodies
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