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Raf Kinase Inhibitors: Products

Raf-1 is a MAP kinase kinase kinase (MAP3K), which functions downstream of the Ras family of membrane associated GTPases to which it binds directly.

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SB 590885 

Potent B-Raf inhibitor


Potent Raf-1 inhibitor; also inhibits VEGFR-2, VEGFR-3, PDGFR-β, Flt-3 and cKIT

GW 5074 

Potent, selective c-Raf1 kinase inhibitor

GDC 0879 

Potent B-Raf inhibitor

AZ 628 

Potent Raf kinase inhibitor

KG 5 

PDGFRβ, B-Raf, c-Raf, FLT3 and KIT inhibitor

Dabrafenib mesylate 

Potent and selective B-Raf, CDK16 and NEK9 inhibitor; anticancer; also targets human proteins in the SARS-CoV-2 interactome


Potent BRAF and CRAF inhibitor

SJF 0628 

Potent BRAF Degrader (PROTAC®

SJF 0661 

Negative control for SJF 0628 (Cat. No. 7463)
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