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Ranolazine dihydrochloride 

Antianginal, activates pyruvate dehydrogenase


Inhibitor of neuronal NaV channels; anticonvulsant

Phrixotoxin 3 

Potent blocker of NaV1.2, NaV1.3 and NaV1.5 channels

ICA 121431 

Potent and selective NaV1.3 and NaV1.1 channel blocker

Flecainide acetate 

Cardiac Na+ channel blocker. Antiarrhythmic

Ambroxol hydrochloride 

Na+ channel blocker

Mexiletine hydrochloride 

Na+ channel blocker; antiarrhythmic agent


Blocks voltage-sensitive Na+ and Ca2+ channels (T-type)


NaV blocker; neuroprotective
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