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Synaptotagmins are integral membrane proteins of synaptic vesicles. Synaptotagmin-1 is a glycoprotein containing two C2 domains related to protein kinase C and sites for calcium-dependent binding of acidic phospholipids.

Synaptotagmins undergo three types of posttranslational modification that may affect function. N-linked glycosylation and/or O-linked glycosylation are likely necessary for recycling (internalization) of vesicle membrane after neurotransmitter release. Fatty acylation/palmitoylation of synaptotagmin may be necessary for proper cycling. Finally, synaptoagmin phosphorylation within the C2a site regulates calcium-binding, while phosphorylation in the C2b site may regulate calcium and syntaxin interaction.

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Rat Synaptotagmin-1 Antibody 

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Rat Synaptotagmin-1 Antibody 

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