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Primary Antibodies

R&D Systems offers a wide range of antibodies to cytokines, adhesion molecules, proteases, neurotrophic factors, stem cell factors, signal transduction molecules, and developmental proteins. Monoclonal and polyclonal antibodies are available, labeled or unlabeled. The majority of polyclonal antibodies are supplied as antigen affinity-purified IgG preparations. The range of over 10,000 antibody products is available for a variety of model organisms:

  • Human
  • Mouse
  • Rat
  • Bovine
  • Cotton Rat
  • Porcine
  • Equine
  • Canine
  • Feline
  • Rhesus Macaque
  • Drosophila
  • Chicken
  • Zebrafish
  • Bacterial
  • Viral

Additional Antibody Products

Quality Control
Each antibody is manufactured under controlled conditions, undergoing rigorous quality control testing to ensure lot-to-lot consistency and outstanding performance in a variety of applications.

Endotoxin Level
Neutralizing antibodies are tested to ensure low endotoxin levels which is reported on individual datasheets. The formulation of most antibodies does not contain azide or other preservative.

For maximum stability, most antibodies are supplied lyophilized. This also facilitates easy shipping and storage.

All antibodies are tested for cross-reactivity with related molecules by direct ELISA to ensure specificity.

Bulk Quantities
When experimental protocols require large quantities of a particular antibody, special bulk pack sizes can be purchased. This will reduce the cost per unit mass. Please contact us for a bulk order quote.

Frequently Asked Questions

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R&D Systems Antibody Types



Polyclonal antibodies offer multiple epitope recognition. Anti-sera and whole immunoglobulin (Ig) preparations contain a large amount of non-specific Ig, which could lead to non-specific antibody binding. Antigen column affinity chromatography eliminates non-specific IgG making these specific IgG preparations, in general, 10-fold more potent.


MonoclonalMonoclonal antibodies offer monospecificity, recognizing a single epitope. All new R&D Systems' monoclonal antibodies are derived from hybridoma culture supernatants rather than ascites fluid and are purified using either protein A or protein G columns.

Labeled Antibodies

An extensive selection of monoclonal and polyclonal primary antibodies are available conjugated to biotin or a range of fluorochromes. Biotinylated antibodies eliminate the need for secondary antibodies and offer the flexibility to use any detection system for which streptavidin or avidin conjugates are available. Fluorochrome labeled antibodies are designed for flow cytometry detection and quantitation of intracellular or cell surface associated molecules. We offer the following fluorochromes:

Secondary Antibodies

Secondary antibodies are offered against goat, hamster, human, mouse, rabbit, rat, and sheep IgG, human and mouse IgM, as well as chicken IgY and are conjugated to a range of fluorochromes, biotin, or horseradish peroxidase to suit the needs of particular applications. Cell and Tissue Staining Kits to facilitate immunohistochemistry staining including secondary antibodies, blocking reagents, and detection chemistry are also available.

Species specificity of the secondary antibody is achieved by antigen affinity chromatography and/or cross-adsorption against IgG from non-related species to eliminate cross-reactivity. Fluorochrome labeled F(ab')2 fragments eliminate non-specific interactions with Fc receptors expressed on certain tissue and cell types.