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Generation of new antibodies can be a long, frustrating, and potentially expensive process. The probability of success depends on multiple factors including intended use, biological knowledge of the target’s structure and function, appropriate immunogen design, animal model and clonality chosen, immunization strategy, optimized screening methods, efficient purification, and reliable QC.

Leverage the experience and expertise of our antibody development scientists for your project. Our consultative, stage-gated approach mitigates risk, saves time, increases the probability of your project successfully moving forward.

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Our custom antibody services allow you to choose from 20,000 primary antibodies, 3,600 target analytes and 19 species.

Antibody Services

Antibody Development

Generate custom monoclonal or polyclonal antibodies from scratch. We will work with you from immunogen design through purification and QC to ensure antibody specificity and long term supply. Partner with our expert development team.

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Recombinant Antibody and Antibody Engineering

Develop a new recombinant antibody or enhance your existing clones. Add engineering services to solve unique technical challenges.

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Monoclonal Antibody Panels

Test tens of thousands of available monoclonal antibodies not listed in the catalog to find the ideal clone for your application.

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What to Expect

High Performance Products
High Performance Products

R&D Systems is known for its quality products, lot to lot consistency, and long-term supply. You can expect the same for your customized antibody reagents. We will provide the highly specific antibodies you need to move your project forward!

Access To Scientists
Access To Scientists

Our custom reagents are developed by the same scientists that make the retail products you trust. Utilize their decades of experience from project design to delivery. With full length, active immunogens and optimized protocols tailored to your project, we will ensure your specifications are met.

Customized Reagents and Testing
Customized Reagents and Testing

With unique engineering solutions, we can tailor your reagent to meet the requirements of your application. Using our existing protocols, we can provide you the optimal reagent on your timeline.

Quality Oversight
Quality Oversight

All our custom antibody services are governed by established, rigorous quality assurance measures, so you can be confident in the accuracy of the data and the performance of your custom product.

About Us

At R&D Systems, we have been manufacturing highly specific, consistent antibodies for the past three decades. My team of development scientists is continuously optimizing and tailoring immunogen and immunization protocols to generate antibodies with outstanding performance in a desired application. In addition, we have progressively utilized modern recombinant techniques to obtain the ideal fragments or engineered antibodies for our clients.

All our custom projects are handled by the same development scientists who produced the trusted antibodies offered on our retail catalog. Together with a dedicated project manager, my team will produce the ideal reagents to meet your research and development needs.

Julia Hatler, Ph.D.
Director of the Antibody Business Unit, R&D Systems

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Conjugation Services

Small to large scale antibody conjugation with a fast turnaround and fully tested end material. View our available conjugates:

  • Fluorophore
  • Biotin
  • HRP

Antibody Characterization Services

Receive fully characterized antibodies to your specifications.

  • Endotoxin testing and removal
  • SDS-Page
  • SEC
  • Direct ELISA
  • Epitope mapping
  • Deglycosylation
  • Platform validations

Manufacturing and GMP Conversion

Save time and obtain a consistent product by utilizing our experience in reagent scale up. We will manufacture your critical reagent under GMP or RUO requirements.

Anti-Idiotype Antibody Development

Save time by having us develop your next anti- Idiotype antibody for PD and PK studies.

Host Cell Protein Antibody Development

We can develop Host Cell Protein antibodies that are tailored to your cell line. Combine this with full assay development on our Luminex, Quantikine ELISA, or Ella platforms.

Simple Western and Milo Services

Let us optimize an antibody for your assays on our Milo or Simple Western platforms.


Conversion of our traditional monoclonal to recombinant antibody offered immortal supply of a very high quality product. We also liked the feature of the recombinant technology to be able to exchange the constant chain between different species and the ability to express the antibody as Fab fragments.

Principal Scientist, Biotech Company

Baseline samples taken one week apart from 15 cynomolgus monkeys were obtained from a Genentech study conducted at Charles River Laboratories (Reno, NV, USA). Positive controls from three sources were used: human IgG-cyno IgG fusion molecule produced for Genentech at R&D Systems (Minneapolis, MN).

Journal of Immunology Research
Volume 2016, Article ID 2618575

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