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Flow Cytometry, as a process for identifying cell populations, encompasses more than detection of cell markers by fluorescently labeled antibodies. R&D Systems offers a wide range of products to fit your cell selection and detection workflow. We have your workflow solutions, whether you are:

  • Starting with a mixed cell population and wish to enrich for a specific subset of cells
  • Differentiating and expanding immune cells or stem cells
  • Assembling a panel of antibodies to detect and define cell populations


Explore our workflow solutions below


R&D Systems offers a wide range of biotin-, fluorescein-, phycoerythrin-, PerCP-, Alexa Fluor® 350-, 405-, 488-, 594-, 647-, 700-, 750-, or allophycocyanin-conjugated monoclonal antibodies specifically designed to monitor protein expression by flow cytometry. Learn more about all conjugation options here.


Workflow solutions for Flow Cytometry: Choose your step

MagCellect Cell Selection Kits

Complete kits for selection of cell populations

T Cell Enrichment Columns

Kits for entichment of different T cell populations by negative selection

Supplemental Cell Selection Reagents & MagCellect Cell Selection Magnet

Additional reagents for cell selection and detection experiments

CellXVivo™ Cytokine Cocktails for Differentiation

Optimized reagents for differentiation or expansion of leukocyte populations in culture

Stem Cell Differentiation Kits and Media Supplements

Directed differentiation of pluripotent stem cells into intermediate and terminally differentiated cell types

Cell Culture Products

High-quality and affordable reagents for optimal performance

Antibodies for Flow Cytometry

A wide range of conjugated antibodies to define cell populations

HLDA Antibodies

Clones used by the HLDA to establish CD designation. The majority developed at R&D Systems

Multi-Color Flow Cytometry Kits

Kits to simultaneously label cells with up to four antibodies with unique fluorochromes

Fluorokine Receptor Detection Kits

Biotinylated ligands for estimation receptor densities

Flow Cytometry Supplemental Reagents

Staining, fixation & permeabilization buffers

CyTOF-ready Antibodies

Antibodies ready to be conjugated for CyTOF analysis