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R&D Systems的生产总部在美国明尼苏达州的明尼阿波利斯,位于生命科学研究和制药高端产业区的中心。我们拥有配套齐全的高科技设备,用于生产高质量的蛋白、抗体和免疫检测试剂。

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R&D Systems®质量的


  • “Marty Mitchell answered my questions very thoroughly and quickly. I got more than what I expected and everything I needed. Marty is the BEST!”

    Research Assistant,
    Kyowa Hakko Kirin Pharma, Inc.

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    Marty Mitchell

    Technical Service Associate,
    R&D Systems

  • “Specifically regarding the products I use from R&D Systems: they are the best. Often, when you buy antibodies, enzymes, or other biologic reagents there's a big mystery if it's going to work or not. I have never had any issues with the quality or efficacy of any of the products I have used from R&D Systems.”

    Thomas Rando Laboratory,
    Stanford University

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    Shannon Borchert

    Enzyme Quality Control Supervisor,
    R&D Systems

  • “Bio-Techne is the first company who contacted us to tell us the problem with one of their products instead of sending a not working antibody to the customer. I really appreciate it!!!”

    University of Texas Medical Branch at Galveston

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    Laura Piehl

    Quality Control Supervisor,
    Proteins and Antibodies,
    R&D Systems

  • “The technical service was great! The representative answered all of my questions and was very cordial. He also emailed me to follow up with my issues with an assay I had a question about. Very thorough service!”

    Cedars-Sinai Medical Center

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    Andrew Shaffer

    Technical Service Specialist,
    R&D Systems

  • “Sara Brokaw, the R&D Systems representative that I have been in correspondence with has been an extreme help to me. She is timely with getting information back to me, has looked over my data, and helped me troubleshoot my ELISA kit in order to get it to work with my unique sample. Her customer service makes me highly likely to recommend your company.”

    University of Illinois - Urbana

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    Sara Brokaw

    Technical Service Specialist,
    R&D Systems


R&D Systems®质量管理理念

在生物医学的研究中,R&D Systems®的品牌便是质量的代名词。对于我们,质量不仅是生产一个高一致性、高可靠性和高活性的产品,更是一种将科学研究的需求置于首位的思维习惯。在R&D Systems®的生产总部,这种思维已渗透于我们的文化,从我们聘请的高级科学家,从我们的严格的产品生产和检测标准,从我们的产品被引用于优秀文献,和我们周围的热情生物医学研究环境都能够充分地展现出来。更重要的是,客户的反馈已被贯彻于产品研发、生产、质量的各个流程,以保证每一个产品都满足客户对于高质量的需求。这一切都是推动我们发展,传承这一精神,激励我们保持高质量生命科学试剂的行业领头羊的动力。