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When your work demands unique reagents or scientific support, turn to the decades of product development legacy behind Bio-Techne’s trusted brands.

Our dedicated project managers and expert scientists will work with you to ensure success:

  • Connect and Understand your Goals.
  • Consult with our Expert Scientists.
  • Document Milestones throughout the Project.
  • Initiate and Communicate Project Progression.
  • Deliver Your World Class Product or Service.

Custom Services

R&D Systems Custom Protein Services

Custom Protein Services

Utilize our expertise in cloning, expression, purification, conjugation, and formulation to create the protein of your choice.

R&D Systems Custom Luminex Services

Luminex® Custom Services

Leverage our extensive inventory of antibodies and proteins to quickly add missing analytes to your multiplex panel.

R&D Systems Custom Antibody Services

Antibody Custom Services

Generate custom monoclonal or polyclonal antibodies from immunogen design to purified antibody specificity screening by partnering with our expert development team.

R&D Systems Custom Immunoassay Services

Immunoassay Custom Services

Partner with the scientists that develop Quantikine® ELISAs to optimize your assay or translate across platforms.

R&D Systems Custom Recombinant Antibody Services

Recombinant Antibody Services

Ensure your critical antibodies to guarantee consistency and supply. Add engineering services to solve unique technical challenges.

R&D Systems Cell Culture Media Services

Cell Culture Media Services

Cell culture media is important. Let our experts make it and test it for you.

R&D Systems Biomarker Testing Services

Biomarker Testing Services

Allow our dedicated assay service group to analyze your precious samples using our gold-standard assays.

R&D Systems Monoclonal Antibody Panels

Monoclonal Antibody Panels

Take advantage of tens of thousands of monoclonal antibodies that are not listed in our catalog.

R&D Systems Custom ChemistryServices

Chemistry Services

Trust our world-class chemistry team to deliver unique compounds and screening panels.

R&D Systems Bioactivity Testing Services

Bioactivity Testing Services

Save time by testing the activity of your molecule using our established bioassays.

R&D Systems Custom Compound Libraries Services

Custom Compound Libraries

Create a unique compound library, designed to meet your exact screening requirements.

R&D Systems Custom Ubiquitin Proteasome Services

Proteasome Custom Services

Powered by Boston Biochem, the world’s leading supplier of ubiquitin and ubiquitin-related products.


Custom cDNA Cloning

Utilize our expertise to create the cDNA vector of your choice.


R&D Systems Custom Services Development Cycle
R&D Systems Custom Services Cycle

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