R&D Systems - Science is Our Specialty

Our excellence in product quality is driven by the hundreds of dedicated, driven, and creative employees working at R&D Systems. By employing an energetic workforce of both academic and industry-trained scientists, we’ve been able to develop innovative products that advance scientific discovery all while maintaining our 30-year reputation as the industry standard in reagent quality.



A Workforce of Experience and Devotion


Employees at R&D Systems Headquarters in Minneapolis, MN.

9.5 years

Average # of years working at R&D Systems

5.5 years

Average # of scientific work experience prior to working at R&D Systems.


Science is Our Specialty

Over 20% of our employees have advanced scientific degrees. This includes 75 PhD and 70 Masters-level scientists with research backgrounds that encompass a wide range of life science disciplines.

R&D Systems - Science is Our Specialty

Collaboration = Innovation

The diverse expertise and the team mentality displayed by our employees are what make R&D Systems a leader in high-quality research reagents. By fostering collaboration between employees and departments we have been able to create innovative reagents that anticipate the needs of researchers across the world. This diagram illustrates our company-wide collaborative efforts, from research and development to operation infrastructure. Each term in the diagram was self-identified by employees as their specialty at R&D Systems.


Employees Talk about Our Quality


“At R&D Systems I am enjoying a productive career at a well-respected company known for premium reagents that empower researchers to better understand and cure diseases.”

Jim Rivard,

Research Associate
Immunoassay Research and Development

“I wanted to work at R&D Systems because I thought it would be great to utilize my biochemistry knowledge to support a company known for its high-quality products.”

Lyhun Tan,

Research Associate
Protein Development

“R&D Systems' strong reputation for product quality is enabled by great employees, teamwork, and plentiful resources to do your job.”

Dave Finkel,

Marketing Campaign Coordinator
& 15 years of experience in Immunoassay Research and Development at R&D Systems


A Unique and Energetic Work Environment

The stimulating and positive work culture at R&D Systems enables us to recruit the best and brightest minds in science.

Protein Development Employees
Clinical Controls Division Employee
Luminex Assays Employee