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Immunology Pathways

Immunology is a science dedicated to investigating host defense mechanisms and immune cell functions under physiological and pathological conditions. This includes research on both the innate and adaptive immune response and processes such as pathogen recognition, immune cell activation and recruitment, cytokine secretion, inflammation, and antibody production. The illustrations found in this section highlight pathways that regulate these processes or mechanisms that may contribute to the development of inflammatory or autoimmune diseases.

FGF Family Signaling Pathways

Featured Pathway - FGF Family Signaling Pathways

The illustration shows the intracellular signaling pathways that are induced following FGF receptor activation. Interact with the illustration to see additional information about the members of the different FGF subfamilies, their reported receptor binding specificities and physiological functions, and the pathologies associated with mutation or amplification of different FGFs.

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