Antibody Services

When specificity, long-term consistency, and supply are critical, trust the experts.


R&D Systems manufactures more than 12,500 primary antibodies, against over 3,600 target analytes, across 19 different species.


Using in-house immunogens and proprietary technologies, R&D Systems generates the antibodies that define the industry leading Quantikine® ELISA kits.


We tailor immunogen and immunization protocols to generate antibodies with high specificity and outstanding performance in your desired application. If your provided test sample meets your requirements, we will scale up production to meet your research and development needs.

Available Services

  • Polyclonal and monoclonal antibody development
  • Rabbit recombinant monoclonal antibody development
  • Hybridoma to recombinant antibody conversion
  • Polyclonal to recombinant antibody conversion
  • Large-scale production, affinity-based purification
  • Conjugation to fluorophores, HRP, and biotin
  • Access to our hybridoma panels containing thousands of non-catalog sister clones
  • Monoclonal production of client-supplied hybridomas

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