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CD21, also known as complement receptor 2 (CR2), is a 145 kDa transmembrane protein that contains 15 tandem SCR/SUSHI repeats. CD21 is primarily expressed on B cells, follicular dendritic cells, and T cells.

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Human CD21 Antibody 

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CyTOF-ready, Flow, IHC, WB

Human CD21 Antibody 

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CyTOF-ready, Flow, WB

Simple Plex Human CD21 Cartridge 

Simple Plex Human CD21 assay kit for use on Ella instrument. Contains cartridge, sample diluent SD06, and wash buffer.

Recombinant Human CD21 Protein, CF 

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Binding Activity

Human CD21 Antibody 

Human CD21 Biotinylated Antibody 


Human CD21 DuoSet ELISA 

Simple Plex Control for Human CD21 

Control for use with Human CD21 Simple Plex Cartridge Kit

Custom Simple Plex™ Assay Panels 

Build your own multi-plex biomarker immunoassay panel for Ella™. Highly precise and reproducible. Choose from more than 250 fully validated target analytes.
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