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AVPR1A acts as a receptor for arginine vasopressin and belongs to the subfamily of G protein-coupled receptors which includes AVPR1B, V2R and OXT receptors. Its activity is mediated by G proteins which stimulate a phosphatidylinositol-calcium second messenger system.

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Antidiuretic hormone

SR 49059 

Selective, orally active vasopressin V1A receptor antagonist


Selective vasopressin V1A antagonist


Potent oxytocin receptor antagonist

OPC 21268 

Orally active vasopressin V1 antagonist

TC OT 39 

Potent non-peptide oxytocin receptor partial agonist; also V1a receptor antagonist


Potent and selective vasopressin V2 receptor antagonist; renoprotective and orally active

Conivaptan hydrochloride 

Very high affinity vasopressin V1A and V2 antagonist; orally bioavailable
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