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Adhesion Molecules

R&D Systems offers quality reagents to study adhesion molecules including a wide selection of antibodies and active proteins. Several classes of molecules fall under the general category of adhesion molecules, proteins that bind cells to one another and/or mediate cellular interactions with the extracellular matrix (ECM). These include Integrins, Ig superfamily Cell Adhesion Molecules (CAMS), Cadherins, Lectins, and others. Adhesion molecules are critical for an array of biological processes. For instance, in development they play key roles in tissue morphogenesis, cell migration, and axon guidance. In the immune system, they regulate leukocyte interactions and are important for cell activation. They also mediate leukocyte contact with blood vessel endothelia and are essential for transmigration. Pathologically, adhesion molecules affect tumor cell invasiveness and metastases.asdfasd