Custom Protein Services

Apply the experience of the scientists behind the industry’s best proteins to your research.


Since 1985, R&D Systems has produced gold-standard proteins to meet the strictest development and purification standards.


Our scientists have developed methods to express and purify some of the most challenging proteins with the highest bioactivities on the market.


We will produce exactly what you need and provide a test sample. If it meets your requirements, we will scale up production to meet your research and development needs.

Available Services

  • Recombinant protein expression and purification (with typical high purity, high bioactivity, and low endotoxin levels)
  • In vitro protein modification and processing
    • Biotinylation
    • PEGylation
    • Fluorescent probe labeling
    • Incorporation of non-standard chemical labels
  • Point mutations
  • Animal Component-Free Process, Animal-Free™, & GMP-grade
  • Formulation to your requirements
  • Hundreds of unique, non-catalog items available

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