Monoclonal Antibody Panels

Panels of Non-Catalog Antibodies

  • For every monoclonal antibody in our catalog, we have a panel of non-catalog antibodies available.
  • You can test these antibody panels in your application to find the antibody that produces optimal results.

Screen Antibody Panels to Identify Antibody Matched Pairs

  • The antibody matched pair you are looking for could be hiding in our selection of antibody panels.
  • Maximize your chances of successful antibody pairing by ordering our available antibody panels.

Consistent Antibody Supply

  • Each antibody panel is produced in-house at Bio-Techne, so we can meet your long-term supply needs.
  • No 3rd party suppliers, which means no additional supply/licensing complications.
  • All antibody panels are positive in direct ELISA for the analyte of interest.
  • Convert any of our monoclonal antibodies to recombinant antibodies, and immortalize your antibody supply.
  • Explore other antibody projects: antibody engineering, conjugation services, and more.

Antibody Panel Request Form

Each antibody panel is sold as minimum 100 µg test sizes of each antibody in the panel. For availability and pricing information, please complete the antibody panel request form.