Custom Monoclonal Antibody Panels

Thousands of Hybridoma Cell Line Clones for Screening

The foundation of our custom monoclonal antibody panels is our extensive antibodies catalog. At R&D Systems, we've generated more than 15,000 hybridomas for our catalog. For each monoclonal antibody target you see in our retail catalog,  we have an antibody panel of up to 30 additional non-catalog antibodies available.

Screen these antibodies today to maximize your chances of quickly finding an antibody ideal for your project. Our customers have found optimal clones for applications ranging from matched antibody pairs for immunoassay development to IHC or neutralization.

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Monoclonal antibody panel clones for screening

Matched Antibody Pairs for IVD Assay Development

Securing a consistent supply of highly specific antibodies is critical to the development of robust and reliable assays. Leverage our 30+ years of expertise in developing ELISA kits for your assay development.


  • ISO-9001, ISO-13485 certified facility
  • All antibodies readily available for bulk orders


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Our Custom Monoclonal Antibodies Provide

Monoclonal antibody clones screend by direct ELISA
Target Specific ELISAs

All clones are screened for target specificity by direct ELISA. We’ll provide you with each antibody’s concentration, buffer, and isotype for easy screening.

Save time with antibody development with our monoclonal antibody screening services
Save Time

You save months of time and thousands of dollars by avoiding full antibody development and by using our resources to develop your custom monoclonal antibody panel solutions.

Scale up antibody production with monoclonal antibody screening services
Scale Up Production

Enhance your abilities to scale up production or immortalize your antibody to meet your long-term supply.

Consistent supply of antibody panels November 1, 2019, 6:41 AM
Consistent Supply

Each custom monoclonal antibody panel is produced in-house at Bio-Techne, so we can meet your long-term supply needs. No 3rd party suppliers, which means no additional supply or licensing complications.