Human Th9/Th17/Th22 Luminex® Performance Assay 17-plex Fixed Panel

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Human Th9/Th17/Th22 Luminex Panel Standard Curves
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Human Th9/Th17/Th22 Luminex® Performance Assay 17-plex Fixed Panel Summary

Assay Type bead-based multiplex assay for the Luminex® platform
Format 1 x 96-well microplate and antibody-coated beads
Analytes Detected Please see analyte list in assay customization tool below.
Performance Validation Luminex Assays are validated for use with cell culture supernatants, plasma and serum. All Luminex assays are tested for sensitivity, intra-assay precision, inter-assay precision and to ensure assay linearity for validated sample types. Antibody pairs are selected and tested to confirm the parallel detection of natural and recombinant standard protein and to ensure the accurate determination of target analytes within biological samples. Assays for each target analyte are screened against all target analytes to confirm low antibody cross-reactivity.

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Intra-Assay Precision - is generated from the mean of the %CV's from 40 reportable results across two different concentrations of analytes in a single serum assay

Inter-Assay Precision - is generated from the mean of the %CV's across two different concentrations of analytes across 25 different serum assays.

  n=40 (20x2 levels) n=25
Analyte Intra-Assay (%CV) Inter-Assay (%CV)
CCL20/MIP-3 alpha 2.4% 9.9%
CD40 Ligand 3.3% 10.6%
GM-CSF 3.1% 10.3%
IFN-gamma 2.8% 10.4%
IL-10 3.3% 9.0%
IL-12 p70 2.3% 10.5%
IL-13 1.6% 9.7%
IL-15 2.4% 9.9%
IL-17A 2.5% 11.2%
IL-17E/IL-25 1.7% 9.2%
IL-1beta 2.3% 10.0%
IL-2 2.2% 9.2%
IL-33 2.4% 12.3%
IL-4 3.2% 9.7%
IL-5 2.2% 12.0%
IL-6 2.6% 9.8%
TNF-alpha 2.2% 8.7%


Linearity - The data represents mean spiked or natural linearity in serum matrix samples. Samples with natural linearity are marked with an astrisk.

Spike Recovery - The data represents mean percent recovery of spiked standards ranging from low, medium, and high concentration in serum matrix samples.

  Linearity Spiked
Analyte N Average % N Average %

*Natural linearity

CCL20/MIP-3 alpha 4 107% 4 99%
CD40 Ligand 4 113% 4 100%
GM-CSF 4 96% 4 110%
IFN-gamma 4 97% 4 112%
IL-10 4 111% 4 104%
IL-12 p70 4 106% 4 108%
IL-13 4 112% 4 103%
IL-15 3 88% 3 89%
IL-17A 4 110% 4 106%
IL-17E/IL-25 4 122% 4 87%
IL-1beta 4 107% 4 99%
IL-2 4 105% 4 102%
IL-33 4 93% 4 110%
IL-4 3 127% 3 77%
IL-5 3 113% 3 81%
IL-6 3 124% 3 90%
TNF-alpha 4 117% 4 69%
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Assays for the Luminex platform are offered as High Performance Assays or Assays. The Luminex High Performance Assays are fully validated panels with a focused selection of analytes. They are available in We Mix, You Mix, and Predetermined formats. The Luminex Assays allows for the maximum number of analytes in a multiplex and is supplied as a premixed kit. View a table comparing the features and benefits of these bead-based multiplex assays.

Scientific Data

Human Th9/Th17/Th22 Luminex Panel Standard Curves

Background: Th9/Th17/Th22 Assay Kits

T helper type 17 (Th17) cells are involved in the immune response mounted against specific fungi and extracellular bacteria. In mice, Th17 cells develop from naive CD4+ T cells in the presence of TGF-beta and IL-6. These cytokines induce the STAT3-dependent expression of IL-21, IL-23 R, and the transcription factor, ROR gamma t. IL-21 and IL-23 regulate the establishment and clonal expansion of Th17 cells, while ROR gamma t-induced gene expression leads to the secretion of IL-17A, IL-17F, and IL-22. Cytokines secreted by Th17 cells stimulate chemokine secretion by resident cells, leading to the recruitment of neutrophils and macrophages to sites of inflammation. These cells, in turn, produce additional cytokines and proteases that further exacerbate the immune response. In contrast to mouse Th17 differentiation, Th17 polarization in humans requires IL-1 beta, IL-6, IL-21, and IL-23, but seems to be less dependent upon TGF-beta. One other notable difference is that human Th17 cells secrete IL-26, an IL-10 family cytokine without a murine homologue. Cytokines produced by Th17 cells can have both beneficial and pathogenic effects. While they play a central role in eliminating harmful microbes, persistent secretion of Th17 cytokines promotes chronic inflammation and may be involved in the pathogenesis of inflammatory and autoimmune diseases, including rheumatoid arthritis, multiple sclerosis, and inflammatory bowel disorders.

Alternate Names
Th9/Th17/Th22 Assay Kits

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