Proteome Profiler™ Antibody Arrays

Proteome Profiler™ Antibody Arrays allow for the measurement of up to 119 proteins in a single sample. These arrays require no specialized equipment and eliminate the need for multiple Western blot experiments. Antibody array kits contain buffers, detection antibodies, and membranes spotted in duplicate with high quality capture antibodies. The arrays utilize chemiluminescence for detection and membranes can be assessed for protein levels in the same manner as traditional Western blots. Select arrays are also suitable for use with the LI-COR® and FluorChem detection systems.

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Proteome Profiler Antibody Array

Intracellular Factors

Human and Mouse Phospho-RTK Antibody Array

Human Phospho-MAPK Antibody Array

Human Phospho-Kinase Antibody Array

Human Cell Stress Antibody Array

Human Apoptosis Antibody Array

Human Pluripotent Stem Cell Antibody Array

Human Phospho-Immunoreceptor Antibody Array

Human Ubiquitin Antibody Array

Human NFkB Pathway Antibody Array

Extracellular Factors

Human, Mouse, and Rat Cytokine Antibody Array

Human, Mouse, and Rat XL Cytokine Antibody Array

Human XL Oncology Antibody Array

Human, Mouse, and Rat Adipokine Antibody Array

Human and Mouse Angiogenesis Antibody Array

Human and Mouse Chemokine Antibody Array

Human Kidney Biomarker Antibody Array

Human Protease Antibody Array

Human Protease Inhibitor Antibody Array

Human Protease/Protease Inhibitor Antibody Array

Human Soluble Receptor Antibody Array, Hematopoietic Panel

Human Soluble Receptor Antibody Array, Non-Hematopoietic Panel


Quick Spots image analysis software

R&D Systems® now offers Quick Spots image analysis software designed specifically for your Proteome Profiler™ Arrays.

No more laborious set-up of templates in other imaging software, Quick Spots contains preloaded templates for each Proteome Profiler™ array. It knows where your results should be, and provides the data in less time and with less work.

Simplify your workflow today.

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Quick Spots Array App for R&D Systems by Western Vision Software

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