R&D Systems offers a wide variety of ELISA kits and an automated ELISA platform that has been exhaustively tested for superior quality and reproducibility.


R&D Systems ELISA kits are available in a range of formats including colorimetric, fluorescence, and chemiluminescence-based kits for measuring intracellular and extracellular proteins.

Quantikine® Colorimetric Sandwich ELISAs

Quantikine ELISA Kits – a wide selection of quantitative ELISAs for measuring molecules in biological fluids.

Quantikine HS® Colorimetric Sandwich ELISAs, High Sensitivity

Quantikine HS ELISA kits - greater sensitivity for samples containing very low levels of target molecule

Quantikine IVD® Colorimetric ELISAs, for In Vitro Diagnostic Use

Quantikine IVD ELISA Kits – 510(k) cleared for in vitro diagnostic use

QuantiGlo® Chemiluminescent Sandwich ELISAs

QuantiGlo® ELISA Kits with broad dynamic range

Parameter™ Colorimetric Competitive ELISAs

Parameter Kits – competitive assays for cyclic nucleotides, eicosanoids, and more

Cell-Based ELISAs

Dual fluorescence detection of two biomolecules simultaneously in the context of a whole cell

Simple Plex™ Automated ELISA Platform

Simple Plex™ assays are fully automated, multi-analyte immunoassays. Think mini ELISAs—just faster. And, the coolest part? It's powered by antibodies from R&D Systems.


Ella runs Simple Plex™ assays—they're like mini, automated ELISAs. Her multi-sample, ready to go cartridge lets you run 4 immunoassays per sample all at once. On top of that, Ella just uses 25 μL of sample! Setup only takes 5 minutes, and she'll have your data ready in 60 minutes.

ELISA Development Reagents

DuoSet® ELISA Development Kits contain the basic components required to develop an immunoassay. They offer an economical alternative to buying separate antibodies and proteins.

DuoSet® ELISA Development Systems

A format for sandwich ELISA development

DuoSet® IC (Intracellular) ELISA Development Systems

A format for measuring intracellular molecules in cell lysates by sandwich ELISA

DuoSet® IC (Intracellular) Phospho-specific ELISA Development Systems

A format for measuring phosphorylated intracellular molecules in cell lysates by sandwich ELISA

Supplemental ELISA/Assay Products

Microplates, wash buffers, diluents, detection reagents, stop solution, sample collection kits, and more

ELISAs for Unique Model Organisms

From mammals and amphibians to bacteria and viruses, R&D Systems offers ELISAs that support research in a variety of important model organisms.

R&D Systems ELISAs

Quality Manufacturing and Evaluation of ELISA Performance