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Proteins for Coronavirus Research

View our proteins and enzymes for researching SARS-CoV-2 and other coronaviruses. Our growing list includes spike proteins, papain-like proteases, 3CL proteases and the SARS-Cov-2 nucleocapsid protein. If bulk quantities or proteins prepared in a plate will help with your research, we are happy to explore options and we welcome your request for a quote!

Cytokines and Growth Factors

With over 30 years of experience developing and manufacturing recombinant proteins for cytokine and growth factor research, our stringent purification and production standards ensure that our proteins display the highest levels of bioactivity and purity, low endotoxin levels, and lot-to-lot consistency.

GMP Proteins

Manufactured under guidelines that allow for their use as ancillary materials in cell therapy or further manufacturing processes, GMP-grade cytokines and growth factors come with extensive documentation to provide cell therapy researchers with a consistent, fully transparent, and traceable source of reagents.

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Animal-Free RUO Proteins

For researchers who need defined culture conditions, for those whose preclinical work has the potential of progressing to clinical trials, or for those concerned with animal components due to ethical or regulatory issues, we offer Animal-Free RUO proteins. Our Animal-Free RUO proteins are produced using identical expression systems and manufacturing methods as our Animal-Free GMP-Grade proteins.

Immune Checkpoint Proteins

Take advantage of our wide range of bioactive recombinant immune checkpoint proteins. From common targets like PD-L1 and CTLA-4 to emerging targets such as butyrophilins and LILRB receptors, we offer a variety of tags and species for studying immune checkpoints.

Avi-tag and Amine-Labeled Biotinylated Proteins

Explore our expanding catalog of Avi-tag and amine-labeled biotinylated proteins. Our rigorous quality standards ensure that all of our biotinylated proteins display the same level of bioactivity as their unlabeled counterparts and exhibit minimal lot-to-lot variability, so they provide you with the performance and the consistency that you need to optimize your assay.

Fluorokines™ Fluorescent-labeled Recombinant Proteins

Utilize our wide selection of fluorescent-labeled recombinant proteins to evaluate the expression of specific chimeric antigen receptors (CARs) on CAR-T or CAR-NK cells, detect cells expressing specific immune checkpoint receptors, or assess SARS-CoV-2 sensitive ACE-2+ cells or immune responses. Fluorescent-labeled proteins allow target cells to be directly stained and detected by flow cytometry.


From proteases and bioprocessing enzymes to glycobiology- and ubiquitin-related enzymes, we offer a large selection of enzymes for various applications. Additionally, we provide a range of enzyme inhibitors, substrates, and enzyme activity kits to further your research.


Fluorescent Glycan Labeling and Detection Reagents

Explore our reagents for Fluorescent Glycan Labeling and Detection. We provide kits and individually packaged labeling enzymes and fluorescent-labeled donor substrates that make it possible to label and detect glycans using SDS-PAGE and a fluorescence imaging system.

Ubiquitin Related Products

Formerly Boston Biochem, R&D Systems is the worldwide leader in providing quality ubiquitin and ubiquitin-related products for targeted protein degradation and ubiquitin proteasome research.

Custom Protein Services

If you don’t see what you need listed on our website, contact us. From scratch protein development to customizing a protein that we already offer, our custom services team will create the protein that fits your experimental needs.

Proteins Beyond Our Catalog

Only a fraction of the recombinant proteins we make end up as products. We have amassed a huge library of non-catalog proteins that are in stock and available to the customer. Learn more about our available proteins.

Bulk Proteins

Are you in need of large quantities of a particular protein? Contact us for a bulk quote. We have the capacity and expertise to scale up the production of any protein to meet your needs, and we offer economical pricing on bulk orders.

How are recombinant proteins made?

Recombinant proteins are made using an engineered DNA sequence that contains genetic instructions to synthesize the protein of interest. This DNA is delivered to a host cell where the cell’s internal machinery is used to synthesize the recombinant protein. The cells are cultured at scale to increase production, and then the recombinant protein is purified.

R&D Systems’ rich history in the recombinant protein industry began over 30 years ago. Today, we are fast approaching 5000 recombinant proteins. Our stringent quality control specifications lead to industry-leading bioactivity and lot-to-lot consistency. R&D Systems proteins are the most cited proteins in the scientific literature. Today, we continue to innovate so that we can provide the research community with the best proteins on the market.

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