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R&D Systems' Luminex assays have the largest, most flexible Luminex analyte menu available - ensuring every data point generated is meaningful to your research - optimizing the use of both your sample and your budget.

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“Luminex assays from R&D Systems combine accuracy and performance with the breadth of content that we look for when multiplexing using Luminex Technology.”

Daniel Mckeone M.D.

Pulmonary Immunology & Physiology Core

Penn State University


What is a Luminex Multiplex Assay?

Luminex multiplex assays utilize color-coded superparamagnetic beads coated with analyte-specific antibodies. Beads recognizing different target analytes are mixed together and incubated with the sample. Captured analytes are subsequently detected using a cocktail of biotinylated detection antibodies and a streptavidin-phycoerythrin conjugate.

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Luminex Bead-based Multiplex Assay Principle


Luminex® Assays

Luminex Assays from R&D Systems are designed to maximize multiplexing capacity and flexibility while maintaining assay specificity.

  • Analyte flexibility with the largest, mix and match menu on the market
  • Faster time to results with premixed beads sets
  • Performace validated and tested
  • Fast delivery times

Advantages: Flexibility-Pick and choose from 100s of analytes across multiple species including human, mouse, rat and porcine. Personalize your Luminex Panel today. Guaranteed performance.

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Luminex Assays


Luminex® High Performance Assays

The R&D Systems’ Luminex High Performance are correlated to Quantikine® ELISA Kits. This provides you with accurate and consistent Luminex assay solutions. Rigorous assay validation for specificity, precision, stability, linearity and recovery ensure quality results.

  • Optimized panels
  • Pick and choose analytes
  • Pre-mixed for optimal performance
  • Extensive menu of analytes
  • Fast delivery times

Advantages: Correlated to Quantikine ELISAs. Custom diluents and extensive development provide precise and accurate Luminex panels.

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Luminex High Performance Assays

Which R&D Systems Luminex Multiplex Assay is right for me?

Assay Multiple Analytes Screening and Discovery Correlated to Quantikine Economy Quantitative High Sensitivity Small Sample Volume
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Custom Luminex Services

Employ our assay experts and our extensive in-house collection of antibodies and proteins to build your specific custom multiplex panel. We do the development work and you get faster time to answers, ultimately saving you money.

  • Create multiplex assays for existing, or new, analytes
  • Develop assays for your unique specifications
  • Validate for your specific sample types
  • Supply agreements available

Advantages: Your analytes, your specifications, your timeframe.

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Luminex Assays


Which Luminex Instrument is right for me?

Luminex 100/200 Luminex Instrumentation FLEXMAP 3D Luminex Instrumentation
Luminex 200™ Luminex FLEXMAP 3D®
More about 200 More about FLEXMAP 3D
Flexible, flow-based workhorse Advanced, versatile and high throughput
Compact with largest dynamic range Dual Reporter INTELLIFELX option

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Luminex Accessories

Find the accessories you need to run your Luminex assays from calibration kits, verification kits, drive fluid, sheath fluid, etc.


Quantist Data Analysis Software

Our new Quantist software allows for quick and efficient data analysis with an intuitive design and straightforward user interface.  Take control of your data with our new and powerful Quantist software.

  • Intuitive design allows for easier data manipulation
  • Easily compare multiple assays
  • Quickly exclude outliers and low bead counts
  • Compatible with CSV files from all Luminex instruments

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How to Run an R&D Systems Luminex Assay: Protocol, Tips & Tricks

This video is a general step-by-step guide to running an R&D Systems Luminex Assay.

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How to run a Luminex Assay


Setting the Standard in Product Quality

Our customers have high expectations. That’s why every raw material and compete kit goes through stringent quality control testing to make sure our assays meet your performance goals for precision, accuracy and reproducibility. It’s quality at the core you can count on. Learn more about our R&D Systems immunoassay quality story.