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Assay Type

Luminex High Performance Assays deliver the most accurate and reproducible results of any Luminex assay on the market. They are highly optimized assays that are designed to deliver near single-analyte ELISA levels of performance. Selected biomarkers will be separated into their respective optimized panels.

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Bead Type

Polystyrene beads are designed for use with the Luminex 100, Luminex 200, FLEXMAP 3D® or Bio-Rad® Bio-Plex® dual-laser analyzers.

Magnetic beads are compatible with Luminex MAGPIX®, Luminex 100, Luminex 200, FLEXMAP 3D, and Bio-Rad Bio-Plex analyzers.

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Mixing Options

The regular Luminex Assays are always provided premixed. Low, mid, and high abundance biomarkers can be split into separate assays by selecting the appropriate button below. Assays may split based on their initial recommended dilution or placed into one assay to allow maximum flexibility in discovering if a single dilution will work for your disease state or sample treatment. Selecting Show All will display all the assay combinations available with and without separating by recommended starting dilution.

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Research Area



Select analytes you would like to measure from the list below. Please note that analytes with the same bead region are not compatible in the same assay and when selected will populate a new assay after clicking the "continue" button.

** Initial Starting Dilutions

* Note: This analyte is in more than one assay. Please refer to the Technical Datasheet for information specific to this analyte.

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Analyte Notes

Analytes with overlapping bead regions or other incompatibilities will be placed in their own assay.


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