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Cell Culture Products for Stem Cell Research

Stem cell research provides a lens into the mechanisms of developmental biology as well as a medium for disease modeling, drug discovery, and the creation of regenerative therapies. Stem cells are defined by the ability to self-renew and differentiate into intermediate and terminal cell types. Multiple types of stem cells have been identified, including pluripotent stem cells, adult stem cells, mesenchymal stem cells, hematopoietic stem cells, neural stem cells, and cancer stem cells. Each stem cell type requires specialized growth conditions for expansion and differentiation in vitro, relying on defined serum-free medium, combinations of growth factors, and specific adhesion molecule interactions.

More recent advances in stem cell biology have identified that small molecules and transcription factors are sufficient to reprogram stem cells or directly differentiate them into terminal somatic cells. Powered by Bio-Techne reagents, stem cells are being used to create biological relevant models for human diseases, drug and toxicology studies, and regenerative cell-replacement strategies.

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Products by Stem Cell Type

Why Use Bio-Techne Reagents for Culturing Stem Cells?

Bio-Techne supports all aspects of the stem cell culture by producing media, basement membrane hydrogels, differentiation kits, growth factors, and small molecules. Our mission is to facilitate discovery and translation by ensuring high performance and lot-to-lot consistency of our products, including key growth factors, extracellular matrices, and serum-free media supplements. Consistency is key to minimizing variability and standardizing protocols!

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Growth Factors for Stem Cell Research


Growth factors and cytokines are critical element for expanding or differentiating stem cells. Bio-Techne provides growth factors with high bioactivity and consistent performance so you can limit stem cell culture and protocol variability.

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Small Molecules for Stem Cell Research


Small molecules are used for stem cell maintenance, cell reprogramming, and differentiation of stem cells. Their defined mechanism of action, robust activity, and ability to control dose make small molecules key components in the stem cell workflow.

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Extracellular Matrices For Stem Cell Culture


Extracellular matrix proteins are used as cell adhesion substrates for serum-free and feeder-free expansion of pluripotent stem cells. Bio-Techne offers purified basement membrane matrix hydrogels as well as more defined recombinant extracellular matrix proteins.

Cultrex Basement Membrane Matrix

Purified Extracellular Matrix Proteins

Recombinant Extracellular Matrix Proteins

Media and Supplements for Stem Cell Culture


Specialized media and supplements are used when expanding and differentiating stem cells. Our specialized media and serum-free supplements are designed, produced, and validated in-house to help to ensure batch consistency and start optimal cell growth and differentiation.

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Characterization and Verification Tools


Functional Identification Kits are used for quick assessment of pluripotency or multipotency using lineage-specific differentiation.

Differentiation Kits that standardize stem cell differentiation into progenitor or terminal cell types provide a consistent mechanism for routinely generating stem derived-cells.

Antibody Panels provide preassembled selection of stem cell-specific markers for routine characterization by flow cytometry or immunocytochemistry. Antibodies can also be searched by cell type in our stem cell marker interactive tool.

Primary Antibodies from R&D Systems are available to identify and characterize stem cells and their differentiated progeny.

Single-Cell Western is the newest automated technology to unlock the stem cell proteome with single cell resolution. Start by reading this application note detailing iPSC-Cardiomyocyte differentiation using Milo.

Regenerative Medicine and Cell Therapy


Translating your stem cell research into a cell replacement or regenerative therapy requires a seamless transition from research to GMP-grade reagents. Bio-Techne applies stringent quality standards that guarantees the lot-to-lot consistency of our growth factors, cytokines, small molecules, and media.

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Custom Media Services


Do you have a specific stem cell medium that you would like to outsource? Speak with our custom and bulk services team to learn about our custom cell culture media capabilities.

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