Actual Living Scientist – Kristin Jacobsen

Monday, May 22, 2017 - 11:37
Kristin Jacobsen

It recently came to our attention, from this article, that only one in three Americans can name an actual living scientist. As a large biotechnology company, filled with talented and dedicated scientists, we think that is ridiculous. We want to introduce you to some of our staff who are, in fact, Actual Living Scientists.

The next scientist in our series is Kristin Jacobsen. Kristin just celebrated 6 years with Bio-Techne at the R&D Systems site (and Bio-Techne Headquarters) in Minneapolis, MN. Kristin not only works in Protein Development, she also recently completed her MBA at the University of Minnesota Carlson School of Management. She holds a Bachelor’s degree in Biological Sciences, a Master's in Microbial Engineering as well. She’s clearly passionate about doing good science! Let's learn a little bit more about Ms. Jacobsen:

Name: Kristin Jacobsen
Position: Research Associate
Department: R&D Systems Protein Development
Years with Bio-Techne: 6 years

Why did you pursue a career in science? (or a career that led you to Bio-Techne)
I have loved the constant challenge science brings. There is always something new and exciting being discovered and how it all fits together is one giant puzzle. I discovered my passion for science in middle school and never looked back!

How would you explain your job duties to Jimmy Fallon?
I do science! Biochemistry to be exact. But most I just put different chemicals together and pass them through different tubes. I am constantly moving liquid around and hoping to create a single band on a gel that is blue in a different reaction. If it is not blue, there is a problem. My end product is pure protein, which really just looks like a tube of water, except way cooler than water. Unfortunately, I am not allowed to play with fire, or blow things up like on tv.

How do you feel your work contributes to the betterment of society?
We are developing and producing tools that either cure, lead to the cure, or progress the understanding of countless diseases and cancers.

Who is/was a scientific influence in your life or career?
It was most definitely a combination of the Magic School Bus and Bill Nye. They had captivating shows geared towards young audiences that aired constantly. When I got a little older, it was the Mythbusters. I still watch all 3 of those shows.

We are proud to have Kristin on the Bio-Techne team as one of our many Actual Living Scientists.

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