Cell and Gene Therapy

Discovery Solutions for Cell and Gene Therapy

Expand Your Research with an Eye to the Clinic

Advance your cell therapy research toward the clinic with the industry-leading quality and selection of R&D Systems™ reagents and assays. You can rely on us to help smooth the path for your innovative strategies in immunotherapy or regenerative medicine. We have a proven track record of qualifying our research using reagents to meet GMP standards and automating our immunoassays on high throughput instruments. View all of Bio-Techne's solutions for Cell and Gene Therapy including all GMP-grade reagents and analytical instrumentation.

Cell Separation for Cell Therapy

Begin your immunotherapy or tissue regeneration research on solid ground. Our bead-based and column-based cell selection technologies deliver reliable, high-purity isolation of immune cells and stem cell lineages.

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Cell Culture for Cell Manufacturing

Look to us for specialty media and supplements, activation and differentiation kits, and growth factors. We make the switch to GMP as seamless as possible by offering research-grade and GMP-grade proteins and small molecules.

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Get higher cargo capacity and transduction efficiency plus lower cost than virus-based systems. We deliver projects for GMP manufacturing in <5 months!

Genome Editing for CAR-T and Stem Cell Therapy

Engineer your cells with our proprietary non-viral transposon technology for stable and precise integration of CAR and TCR constructs. We offer high cargo capacity, low cost, and rapid turnaround time for delivery of your therapeutic cargo into the cell type of your choice.

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Flow cytometry antibodies, assays, and automated ELISAs for phenotypic and functional analysis. Validate your T cell, NK cell, Treg, MSC, or iPSC preps!

Product Release Testing for Cell Manufacturing

Characterize your cell populations at every stage along the cell therapy workflow using flow cytometry antibodies and sensitive immunoassays. We offer immunoassay options that are tailored to research and clinical level cell characterization.

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Monitoring Efficacy and Toxicity

Verify that your cell therapy treatment is effective and safe. We offer premium reagents and assays to monitor outcomes including cell engraftment, host immune cell infiltration, disease status, and the cytokine storm.

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Custom Solutions for Cell Therapy

Efficient workflows often require customized solutions. Leverage the scientific expertise of R&D Systems scientists to guide you through your manufacturing process during the development, scale up, and manufacturing of your cell or gene therapy.

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Bio-Techne believes in the power of partnerships. We have joined with Fresenius Kabi and Wilson Wolf to bring you ScaleReady™, lowering the barriers to entry into the immune cell therapy space for all sizes and stages of manufacturing programs. ScaleReady brings cell and gene therapies to life by offering a significant reduction of complexity and cost while consistently providing superior repeatability and cell quality.

The ScaleReady product portfolio supports scalable immune cell therapy solutions, delivering true platform, process, and product continuity for your immune cell programs. When paired with the Lovo® and Cue® functionally-closed-system automated cell processing systems, Bio-Techne reagents and the G-Rex® Bioreactor enable high throughput parallel processing of cell therapies within a small footprint.

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New ExCellerate™ GMP iPSC Expansion Medium

For seamless transition from our equivalent RUO iPSC Expansion Medium. Both media support robust expansion and maintenance of pluripotent stem cell culture for enhanced consistency and reproducibility.

  • Completely animal-free
  • No growth factor supplementation required
  • Stable cell integrity over long term culture

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