Activity Assays & Reagents

R&D Systems offers a variety of research tools to measure the activity of your molecule of interest. In contrast to more traditional assays that measure analyte levels, these kits and reagents provide a functional assessment and, therefore, a direct measurement of analyte activity. R&D Systems currently offers kinase activity assays, phosphatase activity assays, and protease activity assays. Kits and reagents are also available to measure active biological processes including transcription factor binding, cell viability/proliferation, apoptosis, and DNA damage and repair.

Universal Kinase Activity Kit

Non-radioactive, plate-based kit to assess the activity of most kinases in vitro by measuring inorganic phosphate release

Phosphatase Activity Assays & Reagents

  • Plate-based colorimetric kits to measure phosphatase activity
  • Phospho-peptides to measure phosphatase activity

Protease Activity Assays & Reagents

  • Kits to measure MMP and Caspase activity
  • Fluorogenic peptides to measure protease activity
  • Active recombinant proteases
  • Pharmacological Inhibitors for Caspases and Serine Proteases

Glycobiology Assay Kits

Microplate-based, non-radioactive assays to assess activity of glycobiology-related enzymes

Transcription Factor Binding Assays

DuoSet IC (Intracellular) Active Transcription Factor Assays
Kits to demonstrate relative transcription factor activity.

Cell Viability, Growth, & Proliferation Reagents

Colorimetric and fluorescence-based kits and reagents to measure cell viability, growth, proliferation, and cytotoxicity

Apoptosis Detection Kits & Reagents

DNA Damage and Repair Kits & Reagents