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Proteases & Other Enzymes Pathways

Proteases are enzymes that specialize in the cleavage of peptide bonds. Their activities may be relatively indiscriminate, breaking polypeptides down to their basic elements, or exquisitely precise, cleaving a substrate at a specific residue to alter protein activity. These illustrations highlight scientific concepts that rely on proteolytic activity and emphasize the importance of proteases in some of the most studied areas of cell biology.

FGF Family Signaling Pathways

Featured Pathway - FGF Family Signaling Pathways

The illustration shows the intracellular signaling pathways that are induced following FGF receptor activation. Interact with the illustration to see additional information about the members of the different FGF subfamilies, their reported receptor binding specificities and physiological functions, and the pathologies associated with mutation or amplification of different FGFs.

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