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Ubiquitin, Related Modifiers, & Pathways

Ubiquitin is a highly conserved globular 76-residue eukaryotic protein found in the cytoplasm and nucleus of cells. Ubiquitin can be covalently attached (conjugated) to proteins in a process termed ubiquitination. This process affects protein stability, subcellular localization, and ability to interact with other proteins. Ubiquitination is now known to be involved in the regulation of a majority, if not all, cellular processes, signaling pathways, and disease states.

FGF Family Signaling Pathways

Featured Pathway - FGF Family Signaling Pathways

The illustration shows the intracellular signaling pathways that are induced following FGF receptor activation. Interact with the illustration to see additional information about the members of the different FGF subfamilies, their reported receptor binding specificities and physiological functions, and the pathologies associated with mutation or amplification of different FGFs.

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