Bio-Techne Go Everywhere Travel Grant - August Recipient Selected!

Tuesday, September 12, 2017 - 14:22
Bio-Techne travel grants

August 2017 Go Everywhere with Bio-Techne Travel Grant Awarded to Graduate Student from the University of California Davis!

Bio-Techne launched its Go Everywhere Travel Grant Program which awards $1000 USD (or equivalent) to 1 researcher each month to attend the meeting of their choice. This grant program allows the researcher to attend more targeted meetings in their field and provides funding to support both small and large scientific associations that promote discovery and collaboration.

The recipient of the August 2017 grant is Cameron Flayer, a Graduate Student Researcher in the Internal Medicine Department of the University of California, Davis!

Pedro Papotto

Cameron Flayer, a Graduate Student Researcher from University of California Davis, is the August recipient of the Bio-Techne Go Everywhere Travel Grant in 2017

Mr. Flayer has selected to attend the American Academy of Allergy, Asthma, and Immunology Annual Meeting in Miami, FL USA in March 2018.

Mr. Flayer’s research focus is on the role of group 2 innate lympoid cells (ILC2s) in air pollutant-induced airways inflammation and asthma. Recently he and his fellow researchers have discovered that ILC2s have remarkable plasticity, and acquire ILC3-like functional capabilities during ozone-induced inflammation in mice. After ozone inhalation, ILC2s produce IL-17A and IL-22 (cytokines characteristic of ILC3s), promoting neutrophilic airways inflammation. In addition, they have also discovered this same functional potential in ILC2s examined from the blood of severe asthmatic patients and non-human primates with airways hyperresponsiveness. This functional potential in ILC2s is important because the mechanisms that drive neutrophilic asthma are poorly understood, and ILC2s that produce IL-17A and IL-22 may be important in these patients.

His work that he is hoping to present at the meeting next March utilizes several of the R&D Systems ELISA Kits including IL-33, IL-5, KC, and IFN-gamma.

Bio-Techne and our brands are proud to support Cameron’s work and the work of many of the researchers that have applied to our travel grants so far this year. If you are interested in applying to any of our travel grants, please go to

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