Validating Antibodies to Support the AstraZeneca Drug Discovery Pipeline

Monday, July 02, 2018 - 08:15
Validating Antibodies to Support the AstraZeneca Drug Discovery Pipeline

Antibodies are critical tools in the majority of research and clinical studies. However, unreliable antibodies with poor specificity or reproducibility remain a significant drain on resources across biomedical research and industry. Widespread acceptance of the need for end-user antibody validation has led to high profile initiatives and guidance (e.g. Uhlen et al, Nat. Methods 2016). Aligning to these principles, the AstraZeneca Affinity Reagent Group provides company-wide advice and scientific support in the validation of both commercial and our bespoke antibodies generated in-house. Our work feeds into activities across the drug discovery pipeline, including target identification / validation, hit-to-lead generation, and biomarker and clinical studies.

This webinar will outline our strategies for ensuring appropriate antibody selection and validation, comprising careful assessment of antibody specificity, selectivity and reproducibility. Case studies will be used to demonstrate how we apply our expertise and knowledge to deliver fit-for-purpose antibodies across AZ’s drug discovery projects, to ensure the robustness of our science and support the development of innovative medicines.

This webinar will provide insights into:

  • Affinity reagents in drug discovery
  • Antibody development and validation using the antibody validation ‘pillars’
  • Validation of highly cited commercial antibodies
  • Best practices for selecting fit-for-purpose antibodies for drug discovery
  • Current industry initiatives to solve the reproducibility crisis

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