What does Bio-Techne Bring to Regenerative Medicine?

Tuesday, October 18, 2016 - 12:57

The use of stem cells for regenerative medicine and cell therapy is closer than ever to therapeutic application. As researchers navigate their stem cell research into the translational landscape, maintaining quality and consistency becomes an important issue. That’s where Bio-Techne can help. Bio-Techne, consisting of the prestigious life science brands of R&D SystemsNovus BiologicalsTocris Bioscience, takes pride in its roots as a company devoted to reagent quality and consistency. Because we offer both research and GMP-grade reagents, we can be a resource to researchers and biopharmaceutical companies as they think about out how they are going to consistently: 1) identify their stem cell populations, 2) characterize the function of their stem cells or differentiation cells, and 3) transition their growth and therapy protocols to be compliant for therapeutic application.

Check out this article that discusses in more detail what Bio-Techne brings to the field of regenerative medicine.

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