What does Bio-Techne Bring to Regenerative Medicine?

Tuesday, October 18, 2016 - 12:57

Bio-Techne specializes in providing tools for regenerative medicine that are of high quality, bioactivity, and consistency

As the field of regenerative medicine and cell therapy moves closer toward generating products for therapeutic application, there is a recognized need to maintain a rigor in managing the quality and consistency of not only of the final therapeutic product, but also of the processes involved in bench-to-bedside translation of the research. Specifically, researchers and biopharmaceutical companies must think critically about how they are going to consistently: 1) identify their stem cell populations, 2) characterize the function of their stem cells or differentiation cells, and 3) transition their growth and therapy protocols to be compliant for therapeutic application.

Bio-Techne, consisting of the prestigious life science brands of R&D SystemsNovus BiologicalsTocris Bioscience, andProteinSimple, takes pride in its roots as a company devoted to reagent quality and consistency. To us, quality is not only about producing a consistent, reliable, and highly active product, it is about a mindset that puts the needs of the scientific research community first. Our reagents and tools for regenerative medicine are no exception.

Bio-Techne specializes in providing research tools that are of high quality, bioactivity, and consistency. These tools include recombinant growth factors and cytokines (both research and GMP-grade), standardized differentiation and characterization kits for stem cells, the gold-standard in quantitative immunoassays, a wide range of antibodies, and precision instruments for protein analysis. An understanding about the importance of quality is embedded into our business culture. We support this culture by employing high level scientists, placing stringent production standards and control testing on our products, championing landmark research that was performed using our reagents, and gathering voice-of-customer feedback that is incorporated into every stage of product development, manufacturing, and performance testing. These features are what drive our business and are what will continue our legacy as the lead producer of high-quality life science reagents.

Watch our Bio-Techne Story video to learn more about our commitment to quality.

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