New Website FAQ's

What happened to my Order History?

Currently in the new web site you are able to view on-line your Order History from July 1, 2015, going forward. If you are in need of past invoices or other order information, please email your request to

How do I remove an item from my shopping cart?

To remove an item from your Shopping Cart, be sure that you are in the Shopping Cart itself, and not just on the window where you can add an item. To get to the Shopping Cart, click on the button that takes you to your shopping cart where you will see all items that have been added. Here you can edit quantities as well as delete any items you do not want to purchase.

Can I use a P.O. number?

On the Payment screen, you will have the option to pay by Credit Card or Purchase Order. When you click the button for Purchase Order, you will be asked to enter your P.O. number. If your Account is new or has not received prior approval to purchase using payment terms, there may be a slight delay before we are able to fully process your order or you may receive a call for additional information. However, once your order is processed, you will receive a confirmation so you can anticipate delivery.

I have a Quote – can I still order on-line?

If you have been provided a Quote, enter the Quote number in the box labeled “Special Instructions” on the Review Order screen. This is after you have entered your Payment information, and before you complete your order. Any comments in the Special Instructions box flag the order for review before processing, and prices will be adjusted at that time. You will receive a confirmation from Customer Service providing the correct pricing based on your Quote.

Why do I have to enter my contact information again?

As a security check, the new Bio-Techne web site takes the information that you are providing and confirms it against any information that was provided in the past. As part of the synchronization to our data base, you may receive a confirmation email, indicating that your information has been updated, even though you made no changes. All of this just insures that we are matching clients to the correct Account in the system.

What do I need to do to place an online order?

To place an order on-line, go to You can either browse the products available, and then decide what to add to your Cart. Or, if you know the Catalog number, you can click the Quick Order drop down arrow in the upper right side of your screen, and enter your items there. You will be asked to either log into your account, or Register if you are new to online ordering. If you have purchased in the past, after you register, your account will be linked to your past activity, so you don’t have to worry about having duplicate accounts. Depending on how your account was set up prior, you can purchase using either a Credit Card or a Purchase Number.

Does it matter what browser I am using when placing an order online?

The new Bio-Techne website is compatible with all current browsers.