Antibodies for Memory T Cell Subset Identification

Evidence is starting to suggest that memory T cells may be the most potent and effective subset to use for T cell therapy. Take advantage of the quality and selection of R&D Systems® and Novus Biologicals® antibodies to identify memory T cell subsets by flow cytometry. Refer to the tables below for the phenotypes of human and mouse memory T cell subsets and our selection of relevant flow cytometry antibodies.

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Markers for memory T cell subsets

  Lineage Naïve (TN) Central Memory (TCM) Effector Memory (TEM) Tissue-resident Memory (TRM) Stem Cell-like Memory (TSCM)
Human CD3+ and CD4+ or CD8+ CD45RA+ CCR7+ CD45RO- CD27+ CCR7+ CD45RA- CD45RO+ CD62L+ CD27+ CCR7- CD45RA- CD45RO+ CD62L- CD27- CD69+ CD103+ CCR7+ CD95+ CD45RO- CD27+ CD45RA+ CD62L+ CD122+
Mouse CD3+ and CD4+ or CD8+ CD44- CD62L+ CD44+ CD62L+ CD44+ CD62L- CD69+ CD103+ CD44- CD62L+

Antibodies for memory T cell markers

Click the links below to view flow cytometry antibodies for each clone available from either R&D Systems or Novus Biologicals
(indicated by   and  , respectively). Our selection of fluorochrome-conjugated antibodies includes APC, Fluorescein, PE, PerCP, and Alexa Fluor® 488/700/350/405/594/647/750. Unconjugated antibodies for each clone are also available.

Lineage marker antibodies

  Molecule Species Clone
  CD3 Human UCHT1
    Mouse 17A2
    Mouse 145-2C11
  CD4 Human 11830
    Human RPA-T4


  CD8α Human 37006
    Human C8/144B 
    Human RPA-T8 
    Mouse 53-6.7 

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Naïve and memory T cell marker antibodies

  Molecule Species Clone
  CCR7 Human 150503
  CD27 Human 57703
    Human/Mouse LG.7F9
  CD44 Mouse IM7.8.1R
    Mouse KM201
  CD45RA Human 158-4D3
    Human HI100
  CD45RO Human UCHL1
    Human UCHL-1
  CD62L Human DREG56
    Human FMC46
    Mouse MEL-14
    Mouse 95218
  CD69 Human 298614
    Human FN50
    Mouse 310106
    Mouse H1.2F3
  CD103 Human Ber-ACT8
    Mouse 2E7

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