Antibodies Qualified for Immunohistochemistry (IHC) and Immunocytochemistry (ICC)

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Multicolor Fluorescence IHC Using Primary Antibodies Raised In the Same Host Species
Multicolor Fluorescence IHC Using Primary Antibodies Raised In the Same Host Species

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R&D Systems brings significant expertise to the development of ICC/IHC qualified antibodies so you can be confident that they will reliably perform at the highest level.

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Guaranteed Performance

R&D Systems carefully tests every antibody we produce to ensure outstanding performance. Our commitment to quality allows you to be confident in your results and help you generate publication-quality data. Here’s how:

  • Our rigorous testing includes the use of internally generated tissue microarrays comprised of normal and pathological tissues from multiple donors. Even though our antibodies are for research use only, we use the same instrumentation that is used in IHC diagnostic labs, including automated slide staining system and a high-throughput slide scanner for collecting and archiving high-resolution images.
  • Our IHC protocols are standardized and based on approved SOPs to assure consistency and reproducibility of generated data. When possible, we do side-by-side testing of our antibodies using both chromogenic and fluorescence detection techniques.
  • Unlike many other vendors, our IHC image figure legends state not only the tissue type, but also provide the fine histological details, including cell types stained, cellular localization of the immunoreactivity, and a signal detection protocol.
  • Our IHC images meet the same publication quality standards required by peer-reviewed academic journals.
  • Dual RNAscope ISH-IHC validation to verify specificity using a complementary antibody-independent strategy.

Expertise Backed by Peer-Reviewed Publications

All of our ICC/IHC antibodies are qualified in-house by our team of scientists, which has been recognized for their expertise regarding ICC/IHC techniques. Please see our list of peer-reviewed articles on the subject.*



IHC/ICC Protocol Guide


Helpful Protocols and Technical Guide


We utilized our extensive in-house knowledge to produce an IHC Products & Protocol Guide that includes:

  • An introduction to techniques, protocols, and troubleshooting methods
  • Contributions from our scientists who have qualified thousands of antibodies for IHC/ICC
  • Insights from our expert technical service team who have guided researchers through a wide range of IHC/ICC-related issues

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