Cultrex® 3-D Culture Matrix

The 3-D Culture Matrix is an innovative approach to modeling the morphological effects of early oncogenesis on three-dimensional microenvironments, wherein healthy, differentiating cells exhibit a structured, polarized morphology that is critical for tissue formation and function.

The Cultrex 3-D Culture Matrix product line provides reagents specifically produced for and qualified in 3-D culture studies. Reduced Growth Factor Basement Membrane Extract is the first basement membrane extract (BME) provided and qualified specifically for use in 3-D culture studies. The BME provides the foundation for cells to grow in three dimensions allowing for the formation of acinar structures in vitro.

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Cultrex 3-D Culture Matrix Basement Membrane Extract Reduced Growth Factor (phenol red free) (Catalog # 3445-005-01)

To provide the most standardized basement membrane extract (BME) for use in 3-D cultures, a special process is employed to reduce growth factors and provide material at a standard concentration of approximately 14 mg/mL.

Laminin-induced Differentiation of Mammary Epithelial Cells (MCF-10A). A, Mammary epithelial cells cultured on 3-D Culture Matrix Rat Collagen I (Catalog # 3447-020-01) without additional Laminin grow in an undifferentiated monolayer-like structure. Cells are induced to differentiate, exhibiting acinar structures, when increasing concentrations of 3-D Culture Matrix Laminin I (Catalog # 3446-005-01) are added to the matrix (B, 1 mg/mL C, 2 mg/mL).

Basement Membrane Extracts are also available which are specifically composed of individual basement membrane proteins of interest.

Cultrex 3-D Culture Matrix Rat Collagen I (Catalog # 3447-020-01)

Cultrex 3-D Culture Matrix Laminin I (Catalog # 3446-005-01)