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Glycobiology Assay Kits and Reagents

R&D Systems offers novel, non-radioactive assays for analyzing the activity of glycobiology-related enzymes including glycosyltransferases, sialyltransferases, and sulfotransferases. The assay procedure for these kits involves preparing a reaction mix containing a donor molecule, acceptor substrate and coupling phosphatase. The reaction is then initiated by adding the glycobiology-related enzyme. The specific phosphatase releases inorganic phosphate from nucleotides produced during the enzymatic reaction, which is detected using colorimetric reagents. Because the concentration of released phosphate is directly proportional to the number of molecules transferred during the reaction, these kits provide researchers a simple, non-radioactive method for measuring kinetic parameters of glycobiology-related enzymes. Furthermore, the assay is performed in multi-well microplates and quantified by a plate reader, making it amenable to high-throughput screening.