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Prostaglandin F1a/PGF1a

6-keto-prostaglandin F1a (6-keto-PGF1a), derived from prostacyclin (PGI2), is measured as an indicator of the less stable PGI2. PGI2 is involved in platelet aggregation, vasoconstriction, and reproduction. Prostaglandin F2a (PGF2a), derived from prostaglandin H2 (PGH2), is implicated in asthma, reproductive functions, and pre-eclampsia. 11b-Prostaglandin F2a (11 b-PGF2a), derived from prostaglandin D2 (PGD2), is a vaso- and bronchoconstrictor, a regulator of water and electrolyte excretion, and may be a marker for systemic mast cell disease.