How Can I Study HIF-1 alpha Without a Hypoxia Chamber?

Your guide to the effectiveness of alternative methods

HIF-1 alpha is stabilized under hypoxic conditions and subsequently activates the transcription of gene programs that facilitate adaptation to a low oxygen environment. Multiple methods can be used to simulate hypoxia in order to study HIF-1 alpha, but they are not all equally effective. We have produced a white paper that compares and contrasts three HIF-1 alpha stabilization methods: incubation in a hypoxia chamber, treatment with CoCl2, and treatment with DMOG.

Read this article to learn which method was most effective with respect to HIF-1 alpha:

  • Protein stabilization, by Western blot
    and ELISA
  • Chromatin binding, by ChIP
  • Target protein expression, by
    Proteome Profiler™ Antibody Array

Download HIF-1 alpha White Paper