Parameter Kits: A New Line of Small Molecule Assays

The same quality and performance researchers have come to expect using our Quantikine® line of ELISA Kits has now been applied to R&D Systems Parameter Kits. Parameter Kits are complete microplate-based assays designed to accurately measure the levels of small molecules. Kits include complete, easy to follow protocols including sample preparation methods and typical sample values. For more information go to

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Figure 1. RAW264.7 cells were untreated (gray) and treated (blue) for the indicated times with 2 µg/ mL LPS and the cell culture supernatants analyzed using R&D Systems Total NO/Nitrate/Nitrite Parameter Assay (Catalog # KGE001). Endogenous NO is quickly converted to its metabolites nitrate and nitrite, which are used as an indirect measure of NO production. There is a two-fold increase in nitrate/nitrite detected at 72 hours, with a 20% increase at 24 and 48 hours. Nitrite levels alone are shown in the inset. Nitrite was not detected in untreated samples or samples stimulated for 24 hr. Figure 2. A variety of sample types were evaluated for the presence of cAMP using the Parameter cAMP assay (Catalog # KGE002).

Parameter™ Kits

Product Kit Catalog #
Competitive Immunoassays
cAMP (for cell lysates & more) KGE002
cGMP (for cell lysates & more) KGE003
Cortisol KGE008
Substance P KGE007
Colorimetric Biochemical Assays
Creatinine (2 plates) KGE005
Nitrite, Nitrate, Total NO (2 plates) KGE001