Help & FAQs: cDNA Clones

    VersaClone cDNA Plasmids

    • Which primers can be used to sequence the VersaClone cDNAs?
    • Although this product sequence is verified by R&D Systems, if desired, the M13 forward and M13 reverse primers can be used to sequence the gene of interest in the VersaClone cDNAs.  Additionally, two primers supplied by Sequetech called Neo21 (CGAAAGGGGGATGTGCTG) and LacZRev (AGGCACCCCAGGCTTTAC) can be used. They anneal further into the backbone and typically provide clean sequence data before the beginning and end of the gene insert.These primers are not suitable for sequencing Expression Ready Vectors. Primers for sequencing Expression Ready Vectors are available through R&D Systems' custom group. Please inquire with your sales representative for more information.