Cultrex™ Products for Physiologic Cell Culture

This brochure provides an overview of the offering and applications of Cultrex® products from R&D Systems for physiological cell culture. Some of the topics and tools you can expect to find inside are:

  • Cultrex Basement Membrane Extract (BME) and Extracellular Matrix Proteins for 2-D and 3-D tissue cultures
  • Reagent options for harvesting 3-D cultures
  • Cultrex BME specifically qualified for Xenografts/Tumorgrafts and Stem Cell or Organoid applications
  • Data examples demonstrating culture performance in several applications
  • Other products for physiological cell culture, including media supplements, growth factors, and small molecules

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New ExCellerate™ GMP iPSC Expansion Medium

For seamless transition from our equivalent RUO iPSC Expansion Medium. Both media support robust expansion and maintenance of pluripotent stem cell culture for enhanced consistency and reproducibility.

  • Completely animal-free
  • All-in-one formulation
  • Stable cell integrity over long term culture

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Cultrex™ UltiMatrix BME – A Versatile Matrix for Organoid and Stem Cell Culture

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