Cultrex™ UltiMatrix BME – A Versatile Matrix for Organoid and Stem Cell Culture


Organoid and stem cell-derived culture systems are evolving and enhancing our basic understanding of developmental biology and improving the predictability of in vitro disease modeling and drug screening. The quality and consistency of the adhesion matrix substrates, such as mouse EHS tumor basement membrane extracts (BME), used to embed organoids and expand pluripotent stem cells can greatly impact model variability. This study describes an advanced BME designed to address current shortfalls of existing EHS-derived matrices.

Cultrex UltiMatrix Reduced Growth Factor (RGF) BME is a soluble form of basement membrane that provides high tensile strength, enhanced levels of entactin/nidogen, elevated protein concentration, and robust clarity and purity. These compositional enhancements translate into substantial performance benefits that make Cultrex UltiMatrix RGF BME an ideal cell scaffolding matrix for stem cell and organoid cell culture.

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