Immunology Activity Book 2

Bio-Techne’s Immunology Activity Book Volume 2 is similar to the popular first edition that was created in 2019, but includes all NEW immunology-themed puzzles. This latest edition includes crossword puzzles, mazes, word find puzzles, and coloring pages that every immunologist will love. Test your knowledge on topics like viruses, tumor immunology, myeloid-derived suppressor cells, IL-1 family cytokines, and inflammation with our latest crossword puzzles, color in pictures made from some of our recent immunology-related posters, or try your hand at some fun word find puzzles based on immunology topics like macrophages, B cells, TGF-beta, or the IL-6 family cytokines. Each activity included in the book references a page on our website where you can get more information on the featured topics. So, settle in and put your immunology puzzle-solving skills to work again with the 2023 edition of Bio-Techne’s Immunology Activity Book.

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Immunology Activity Book Volume 2

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