A New Immunoassay for Detecting Anti-Zika Virus IgG with Very Low Dengue Cross-Reactivity

Guoping Wu, Christian Erickson, Vida Hernandez, Mark Renelt, Alicia Lope Solorz, Janette Dirkx, Emily Tait, Ming Bi, David Grabowski, Vassili Kalabokis


There is lack of accurate serological diagnosis of the Zika virus due to cross-reactivity with other flaviviruses. We tested three commercially available anti-ZIKV IgG ELISA kits currently on market. Contrary to the manufacturers' claims, we find that these kits have either high cross-reactivity with dengue virus or low Zika virus sensitivity.

We have developed an Anti-Zika IgG test that is highly sensitive to Zika and displays minimal cross-reactivity with anti-dengue virus IgG. R&D Systems® Anti-Zika Virus IgG test will potentially allow for a highly specific serological test for Zika virus.