Recombinant Antibody Conversion

Immortalized Antibody Supply.



Conversion of our traditional monoclonal to recombinant antibody offered immortal supply of a very high quality product. We also liked the feature of the recombinant technology to be able to exchange the constant chain between different species and the ability to express the antibody as Fab fragments.

Principal Scientist, Biotech Company

Recombinant Antibody Conversion Custom Quote

For applications requiring large amounts of consistent antibody, R&D Systems hybridoma and B–cell to recombinant antibody conversion service produces a dependable supply of custom engineered monoclonal antibody. R&D Systems proprietary processes guarantee yields that provide the gram quantities required for the development of diagnostic and therapeutic reagents.

Why R&D Systems Recombinant Antibody Conversion?

  • R&D Systems antibodies support the industry-leading Quantikine® ELISAs
  • Ability to scale up to gram quantity production
  • A cost-effective and time-saving solution for superior antibodies
  • Consistent quality and performance over time

Available Engineering Services

  • Modification of the species, isotype, hinge, and Fc region
  • Generation of active truncated forms
  • Improved yield without any change in affinity

The Process

  1. Customer provides:
    • cell line expressing antibody or full-length antibody sequence
    • antigen for testing the recombinant antibody using direct ELISA
    • small aliquot of purified antibody
  2. Conversion, small scale expression of recombinant antibody, and comparison to the original hybridoma-derived antibody by R&D Systems.
  3. Provision of data report and sample for customer's evaluation.
  4. Exclusive supply of purified antibody.