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Utilize our expertise to convert, modify or engineer your critical antibody. Increase expression and yield to get the data needed to move forward with your project.

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Recombinant antibody custom services

Common Platforms

Recombinant Antibody Conversion

For applications requiring large amounts and consistent antibody supply, R&D Systems offers recombinant antibody conversion services to produce a dependable supply of custom engineered monoclonal antibody. R&D Systems proprietary processes guarantee the gram quantity yields required for the development of diagnostic and therapeutic reagents.

Recombinant Antibody Engineering

Harnessing recombinant technology, we can further engineer antibody fragments or edit your existing sequence to meet your specific research goals. Producing fragments recombinantly has many benefits including less variability than enzymatic options, higher yields, and a defined antibody product. We can further leverage this technology to produce affinity reagents such as scFvs, bi-specifics, or full-length antibodies with a defined Fc region devoid of glycosylation sites.

CAR Design

R&D Systems has an existing library of chimeric antigen receptor validated single chains and a validation program for faster development of CARs for your target. This platform and our proprietary hinge designs, allow us to quickly build a CAR panel for testing in your system.

R&D Systems Advantage

Antibodies play a critical role in diagnostics and therapeutics. In these, and other applications, consistency is key. Recombinant conversion of existing hybridomas offers many advantages, among these are consistency, long term supply, high yields and the ability to engineer. As the industry moves towards dependence on recombinant antibody technologies, R&D Systems has been on the leading edge of these efforts and advancing the field of antibody engineering


Solutions to improve screening method

Discover how our services have propelled the drug discovery pipeline of one of our clients forward with tools to improve their screening methods.

Case Study: Existing Antibodies Reinvented into Novel Bispecific Affinity Reagents

A pharmaceutical company had been a long-time purchaser of antibodies to important oncology markers. The company was using these antibodies to study cell-to-cell interactions in order to find potential therapeutic targets. With the recent advancements in immune cell therapy, the company wanted to reinvent their methodology, increasing their chance of success. They needed the specificity of the old antibodies, but with targeting ability of a bispecific affinity reagent.

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Conversion of our traditional monoclonal to recombinant antibody offered immortal supply of a very high quality product. We also liked the feature of the recombinant technology to be able to exchange the constant chain between different species and the ability to express the antibody as Fab fragments.

Principal Scientist, Biotech Company

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