Application Note

Avoid False Positives

Complex samples such as serum and plasma contain a wide variety of constituents such as proteins, blood components and other factors. These factors may interfere with enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay (ELISA) results, producing matrix effects, which may result in false positive data. The ability to eliminate matrix effects in complex samples is a necessary prerequisite for reliable ELISA data. R&D Systems, a Bio-Techne brand has decades of experience optimizing its Quantikine® ELISA blocking reagents to avoid false positive data arising from matrix effects.

R&D Systems® Quantikine® ELISAs are the gold standard immunoassay for quantifying analytes in serum, plasma, and cellular supernatants. These assays are the most cited ELISAs on the market with the most accurate and precise quantification of target analytes. Careful diluent formulation is key to the consistent high quality data that you have come to expect from Quantikine ELISAs

This application note provides 3 examples of how our proprietary blocking reagents prevents prevents false positive data in our ELISAs as well as that of competitors.

Download this application note to:

  • See how matrix effects can be more common in complex samples such as serum
  • See how false positive data can arise when assays are not optimized
  • See how our proprietary blocking reagents eliminate matrix effects in data generated using competitor ELISAs

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Avoid False Positives