Anti-idiotype Antibodies: Monoclonal Therapeutic Discovery and Development

Monday, March 04, 2019 - 16:12
Anti-Idiotype Antibodies

The monoclonal antibody therapy market is rapidly expanding with all major pharmaceutical companies seeking approval of more antibody drug modalities each year. In addition, many of the blockbuster monoclonal therapeutics are nearing the end of their patents and the opportunity for biosimilars looms in the marketplace.

Researchers look to anti-idiotype antibodies to study new monoclonal therapeutic candidates, to better understand the efficacy of existing monoclonal therapeutics and to evaluate the development of biosimilars. An anti-idiotype (anti-ID) antibody is specific to the unique antigen binding (variable) region of another antibody. In this case, the anti-idiotype is specific to the monoclonal therapeutic or its biosimilar.

R&D Systems provides an ever-expanding list of anti-idiotype antibodies as tools in researching and manufacturing monoclonal therapeutics in terms of pharmacokinetics, immunogenicity studies and controls in production. We also offer research use only (RUO) biosimilars to many monoclonal therapeutics to use in conjunction with the anti-idiotypes when designing assays.

Anti-Idiotype Antibodies

There are several types of anti-idiotype antibodies by way of their functional characteristics. The anti-idiotype antibody may be inhibitory or non-inhibitory and may either detect the free, bound or total (free and bound) monoclonal therapeutic in an assay.

Our Custom Services team will help design and produce custom anti-idiotypes for monoclonal therapeutic projects in your pipeline. We have expertise in traditional and recombinant antibodies from custom antibody development to large-scale production. You may learn more about our custom antibody services here.

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