Quarterly Protein Product and Data Update: Edition #3

Monday, December 04, 2017 - 12:26
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New Products

recombinant GFRAL
GFRAL: The Receptor that Mediates the Metabolic Function of GDF-15 is Identified
Several high-profile papers have recently identified GFRAL as a receptor mediating GDF-15 effects on obesity and insulin resistance. R&D Systems’ new Recombinant Human GFRAL binds GDF-15 with an ED50 in the sub ng/mL range. Learn More!
GMP proteins
GMP, Animal Component-free Recombinant Human TGF-β and Fibronectin are now available!
Fibronectin and TGF-β can be important raw materials for culturing cells for cell therapy or regenerative medicine. GMP grade animal-free recombinant versions of these proteins have not been available… until now!
recombinant BCAT1 and BCAT2
BCATs: Metabolic Regulators of Inflammation and Cancer Progression
R&D Systems is the only source for active Branched Chain Amino Acid Aminotransferases 1 (BCAT1) and BCAT2. These novel metabolic enzymes have potential roles in inflammation, neurodegenerative disease, and tumor progression. Learn More!
Anti-Zika Virus IgG Assay
Anti-Zika Virus IgG Assay is More Specific Than the Competition
Homology among flaviviruses has made it difficult to develop assays that can distinguish between different types of infection. R&D Systems’ scientists have developed a specific assay that can distinguish between related Zika and Dengue virus infections. See the data showing the specificity of this assay vs. three others on the market. Learn More!


Butyrophilins video
Check Out our Video Short on Butyrophilins!
This short video highlights novel immunomodulatory proteins with structure and functions similar to the B7 family. Learn more about our products for butryophilin research.
webinar for immunoassay for detecting Zika virus IgG
Watch our Webinar! A New Immunoassay for Detecting Zika Virus IgG with Very Low Dengue Virus Cross-reactivity
Please watch our webinar which introduces our new serological Zika Virus IgG Test. In this webinar, we explain the need for this kit and discuss the development of this kit. Watch now


CellXVivo Expansion Kits
Expand NK and CIK Cells from PBMCs: New Cytokine Cocktails and Optimized Protocols Make It Easy!
Our kits contain cytokine cocktails and optimized protocols to reproducibly expand CD3-CD56+ Natural Killer (NK) cells or CD3+CD56+ Cytokine-induced Killer (CIK) Cells for PBMCs. Learn More about CellXVivo Expansion Kits!
protein workflow issues
Protein Workflow Issues? The New eBook Investigating Immuno-Oncology: Advances in Protein Analysis Tools is here!
ProteinSimple can jumpstart your research by eliminating common protein analysis workflow issues! Introducing our new Immuno-Oncology eBook! Although this book highlights Immuno-Oncology, it is applicable to any protein related research field. Download Now!

*Mullican, S. et al. (2017) Nat. Med 23:1150    **Mayers, JR and Vander Heiden, MG. (2013) Nat. Med 19:816

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